Levenmouth, Fife

Astraside Energy are exploring a low carbon energy solution to provide heat for up to 9,000 residential properties and other commercial space.

Working in conjunction with the local landowning trust, a major energy supplier and a UK funder. Proposals to regenerate Levenmouth Docks linked to the provision of a combined Heat & Power return for 7000 homes and industry are currently being considered by Fife Council.

Proposals include:

  • Design of the energy solution from an Energy Centre and District Heating Network
  • The energy solution including energy plant (in single energy centre)
  • Fund the solution over and above council input with annuity funding
  • Operate the system for a concession period of 45 years
  • Provide full billing and customer support service to customers and recover funding via customer bills
Levenmouth Energy Centre
Aerial view of Levenmouth

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