John Petrie


Highly motivated executive seeking to create long term strategic partnerships for the development of new and emerging markets; whilst providing an additional offering to a well established client base. Providing support to the strategic direction to the Board of a firm committed to ensuring the highest standards for the long-term success of its partnerships. Ensuring interests are not in just what meets the needs and expectations of our customers today, but what is required to deliver the success and support to our partners and customers in the future; and with the belief that by working together collaboratively we can continue to push back the boundaries of what is considered possible.

Extensive construction and utility sector experience are key aspects of my resume coupled with the vision to develop new opportunities in highly competitive market areas. Sound business strategy skills which ensure the business is directed on a sure heading in the parameters of good corporate governance. Strong personal leadership and communication skills supported with a solid ability to negotiate and encourage enthusiasm in others. Customer care focused with the emphasis being placed on creating the highest standards of service to maintain long term client and partner relationships.

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